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AI set to transform ship navigation, bridge operations
AI is being adopted by the shipping industry as a valuable, innovative technological tool for applications including weather routeing and voyage optimisation. The future of bridge operations could see AI-powered radars and ECDIS interacting with navigation officers to help them...
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Columbia Shipmanagement signs a Scholarship Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding with the Cyprus Maritime Academy
In December 2023, leading ship management provider Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) signed a scholarship agreement and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Cyprus Maritime Academy (CyMA), the first maritime academy in Cyprus to offer a four-year degree in nautical science. The...
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The Columbia Group (Columbia) opens a new manning agency, Columbia Shipmanagement Vietnam (CSM Vietnam), adding to its worldwide network of owned manning agencies.
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The establishment of CSM Vietnam satisfies Columbia’s long-standing ambition to tap into the developing Vietnam seafarers’ market with direct access. Whilst CSM has been employing Vietnam seafarers for years via third-party arrangements, possessing our own manning agency in Vietnam for...
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