Insurance and Claims

Insurance and Claims

Our team of professionals has extensive commercial, financial and technical expertise and experience in the safe, efficient and profitable management of all types of tonnage.


The Operations department works closely with ship commands, charterers, brokers, pool operators, port agents and bunker suppliers to ensure efficiency is maintained throughout all operations.


Through its affiliated companies, CSM can identify and secure the best employment solutions for its clients’ vessels.

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Our Insurance & Claims department provides the following benefits to our Clients:


  • Savings through economies of scale
  • Long term stability
  • Wide insurance terms acceptable by the world’s leading mortgagee banks
  • Competitive premia and low deductibles
  • Various options for ancillary covers
  • Access to world leading insurance brokers/average adjusters/ maritime lawyers
  • Placing of covers with reputable and credit worthy underwriters and clubs


  • Process control especially in complicated cases where a number of insurance covers are involved
  • Co-ordinating multijurisdictional cases
  • Mitigation of problems
  • Clarity of cover in the event of a loss
  • Ensuring timely submission of claims
  • KPI monitoring; facilitating prompt collection of funds
  • Tailor made reporting