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Crew Management

In order to provide qualified seafarers, Columbia Shipmanagement maintains its own crewing offices in more than 14 locations and multiple countries across the globe. By sharing the same cultural background with our seafarers at local offices, we benefit from high retention rates amongst our loyal crewing pool. Additional professional crewing agents contribute to providing the best recruitment and crew management service available in the market.

Our Crewing Services
Education & Development

Seafarers play a vital role in operating our fleet and we place great emphasis on their development. We recognise the importance of educating our seafarers and in addition to mandatory training, have also developed client and company specific crew training programmes.

Columbia Shipmanagement ensures that seafarers have access to facilities offering a wide range of simulators including Main Engine Type, Crane Handling and Bridge Team Management/Ship Handling courses. Our training facilities are based in Germany (NSB Academy Hamburg) as well as other partnering centres in key locations round the world.

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Our cadet selection programme invites maritime graduates who are well-educated, hardworking and take pride in the maritime profession.

We focus on every individual – personal growth and professional development are key to guiding our cadets through the ranks.
Our aim is to support the cadets of today to  become officers of the future.

A range of practical training is provided, with particular emphasis on safety and environmental protection.

Our investment in quality training includes the use of training vessels for realistic shipboard environments, some of which have classroom facilities onboard.

The instructors are Master Mariners who have served for several years with the Company and are capable of providing a high standard of training in accordance with best industry standards and practices.