Happy World Maritime Day!

This year IMO’s theme is “New technologies for greener shipping”. The CSM group, along with our engineering partners, are working on several “green” fuel/ sustainability projects.

Ammonia (NH3CRAFT)

Ammonia is identified as a sustainable fuel for mobile and remote applications. The NH3CRAFT is a consortium of companies from Europe, including engineering companies, universities, shipping companies, and classification societies, along with an advisory board (Total, Wartsila, MAN) which aims at fully designing, engineering, developing and demonstrating a next-generation sustainable, commercially attractive and safe technology for high-quantity on-board storage of NH3 as a marine fuel. Two innovative modular and scalable steel and composite storage tank configurations for 1,000 m3 liquid NH3 at 10 bar and the corresponding auxiliary systems will be installed on a 31,000 Deadweight Tonnage (DWT) multi-purpose vessel.

Five different types of vessels and corresponding fuel-storage tank concept adaptations will be studied and documented:

A bulk carrier, a tanker and a container ocean-going vessels, a typical RoPax ferry and a small Inland Waterways transportation passenger vessel.

An innovative digital platform will integrate all core simulations and models through digital interfaces. It will develop an engineering system matrix and specifications for the fuel storage, supply, and piping, monitoring and venting subsystems.

Safety and risk assessment for all vessels will lead to developing safety guidelines and classification rules. NH3CRAFT will showcase the entire NH3 supply chain to increase confidence in its use and promote its uptake.

Offshore vessel Hybrid solution

Batteries are generally seen as a solution to improve efficiency through energy storage, thus optimising the cost of operations and reducing emissions. CSM Energy works on a solution for retrofitting PSVs and AHTSs with battery packages on board.

Hydrogen project (LH2CRAFT)

Green hydrogen, an alternative fuel generated with clean energy, is experiencing a global resurgence and has been identified as the clean energy source that could help bring the world to net-zero emissions in the coming decades.  CSM participates in the European Union tender for developing large-scale LH2 containment for shipping as part of our commitment to sustainability.