CSM Monaco

CSM Monaco is a Joint Venture Company between Columbia Shipmanagement Limited (CSM) and Sea World Management s.a.m. (SWM), located in Monaco. Founded in 2022, CSM Monaco functions as the front desk of the  CSM Group to the Monaco, Italy and France market and clients.

CSM Monaco combines the strengths and know-how of two highly reputable ship management companies and provides the full spectrum of maritime services offered through the CSM Group and SWM.

CSM Monaco is able to provide a unique combination of technical services to its partners; services which not only aim to add value to clients’ assets, but also contribute to the competitive advantage of their operations. Through a team of technical experts with proven track record in the industry, the  company is able to offer management to all types of vessels including off shore support vessels.

CSM Monaco offers crew management by utilising CSM Group’s crewing offices in more than 14 locations and multiple countries across the globe. By sharing the same cultural background with our seafarers at local offices, we benefit from high retention rates amongst our loyal crewing pool.

Commercial considerations are key within this competitive industry and, by putting the interests of our clients at the forefront, we meet these requirements head-on with a range of services such as: Worldwide Chartering, Pool Management and Post Fixture Operations.

For over 25 years CSM have supervised the construction of more than 280 vessels, of various types, at leading shipyards in China, Korea, Japan, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Argentina and Croatia.

CSM Monaco offers a diverse portfolio of services within the leisure, lifestyle, cruise, super yacht, aviation, and hospitality industries. Asset management, concierge, events, and hospitality training complements the portfolio, providing clients with the highest quality 360-degree turn-key service solutions.

GenPro negotiates framework supply agreements with international ship suppliers on behalf of its Members’ clients with a view to secure the lowest prices achievable on all consumables.

Leveraging a network of business partners CSM Monaco offers a wider range of maritime services including but not limited to procurement, catering, insurance, etc, fully-customisable and specifically tailor-made for each client.